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"Curved Work...A JHKW Specialty"

One of the most beautiful, difficult (and most expensive) challenges in woodworking is the incorporation of curved features. Arches, ellipses and radii often involve the creation of curved forms, both positive and negative, to hold the bent materials in position while they are glued up and  allowed to dry. Creation of these bending forms  alone can sometimes be as time consuming as the final product.

Additionally, calculating for the wood's desire to want to resist curvature, know as "spring back", involves  an intimate knowledge of wood properties and formulas to counteract or adjust for this tendency. For these reasons, few fabricators have the skill or knowledge to take on such  challenges; JHKW is right at home with them.

Tucker Associates, a word-of-mouth contractor with a strong footing in the South East New Hampshire area, needed a woodworking company that could provided extensive cabinetry and millwork throughout a 10,000 sq. ft. home. This included painted and mahogany cabinetry, paneling, passage doors and running trim in a highly ornate, traditional style - with lots of curves, ellipses, flutes & beads, egg & dart, heavy crown and stepped moldings. JHKW was able to provide all this and more, working overtime to meet added demand, as the job expanded in scope over a six month period.

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